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Why Collaboration Doesn’t Suck

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The formula for a winning digital marketing campaign goes back to ‘old-school’ creative brainstorming, solutions-based teamwork and streamlining individual workflows to meet common goals.

Now in its third year, the #ThisIsChobe campaign – run by the Chobe-crazy team at This Is Chobe – brings together those who love northern Botswana’s Chobe National Park to celebrate its beauty, diversity, and abundance during a four-day ‘social media safari’.

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The campaign throws together African-based conservation organisations, businesses in the travel and tourism industry, surrounding local communities as well as regionally-based travel bloggers and influencers. Our client, Under One Botswana Sky , was keen to once again participate in the campaign and host some of the events.

From planning through to execution, we worked with the Under One Botswana Sky team on the ground at Chobe Safari Lodge and Chobe Bush Lodge , as well as the main organisers of This is Chobe.

Collaborative planning

We brainstormed ideas with both interested groups to ensure content strategy aligned with the goals of the collective as well as the individual partners. Content creation and dissemination was strategised to maximise expertise located remotely or at the event’s physical location. Everyone was tasked with keeping the conversation going with online users.

The perfect model spotted whilst on a game drive during the #ThisIsChobe campaign © Melanie Jane van Zyl / Under One Botswana Sky

Kick-ass execution

Because digital marketing responsibilities were established and segmented according to locality, audience reach for our client and the organisers was both widened and diversified whilst keeping the brand message on-point. Blogs were written remotely, whilst social media platforms captured the action as it unfolded. Authentic and consistent engagement with the online community was prioritised and managed by all.

The outcome

Instead of completely relying on tools and apps that may force us into headphone-facilitated silos, collaborative campaigns such as #ThisIsChobe prove once again that building real relationships with invested partners benefits everyone in the ways they need it to. We’re particularly in love with the video featuring a river cruise and surprise lunch hosted by Under One Botswana Sky for This is Chobe, CARACAL and Elephants Without Borders. The video was shot by the The Rusty Mokoro on behalf of This Is Chobe.

Encounters of the hippo-kind on a boat cruise during the #ThisIsChobe campaign © Melanie Jane van Zyl / Under One Botswana Sky

We believe that the ultimate marketing objective of your client needs to drive brand content strategy, which leads you to identify any potential strategic partnerships. Give us a shout if you’re interested in developing a digital marketing strategy and we can shoot the breeze about using collaborative partnerships. To catch up on the #ThisIsChobe campaign, check out Under One Botswana Sky’s Facebook , Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

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