The Internet – then and now

We recently came across an interesting article called “The Internet a Decade Later”. It is an info graphic outlining, in pixelated goodness, just how much (and how far) the internet has changed over the past decade.

It offers up bite size visual chunks, of interesting nuggets of information, like for example; a decade ago, on average, we would spend an average of 46 minutes online browsing the web, each day.  Today, 4 hours.  And, in 2002, there were 3 million websites orbiting the www. Now there are over 500 million. A decade ago the most searched terms being typed into search engines were ‘Shakira’ and ‘Aviral Lavigne’. In 2012, it is Rebecca Black and Adele. All these examples show a dramatic jump in numbers, and outlines the upward curve of internet usage in 10 short years. The last example however also shows that as much as things change they somehow stay the same, because us, as an online audience, have not lost our fetish for cheap celebrity gossip and bad pop music (apart from Adele who can hail a tune from time to time!).

The rest of the article is crammed choka-block full of interesting, and sometimes mind blowing facts. Do yourself a favour and give it a sniff– click here.

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