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The importance of Facebook ads for your business

Facebook Advertising

Gone are the days where Facebook is only for personal use. Instead, Facebook is arguably one of the best online marketing platforms for any business and when it comes to online advertising Facebook is the leader of the pack.  

With more than two billion people using Facebook it’s no wonder why Facebook advertising is such an effective tool for businesses.

Here’s why you should include Facebook Ads in your marketing campaign:

  • Detailed Audience Targeting

You no longer need to put your trust solely into printed ads with no real performance tracking available, leaving you praying that you’re going to reach your selected target audience. Facebook ads allow you to be very specific about whom your adverts are shown to so that you have control over who is most likely to be interested in your product or service. You can target according to anything from location, gender, age, interest, job titles, and interest to recent birthdays or travel habits.

And as a bonus think of all the trees you will save! Going green has never been this mutually beneficial.

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  • Measurability

With the tough economic times we face, it is so important to know exactly what the return on investment is from your marketing spend. One of the many pros to Facebook ads is just that! You are able to measure your ads’ success by using the information provided by Facebook or with Google Analytics. By using these stats, you are able to easily calculate the cost of the conversion rates. This kind of information is GOLD for companies, especially when it comes to planning marketing ahead.

  • Budget

When creating a Facebook ad, you can set your budget to what you are comfortable spending. Another appealing thing about Facebook Ads is that a little goes a long way – and the more people engage with your ad the more other people will see it for FREE on their own timelines!

  • Engagement

Facebook ads are a 2-way communication system, unlike other marketing tools. Your customers are able to chat to you and you are able to chat to them through the ad as a starting point. It is such good PR for a company to engage with their followers when they comment. Not only will the customer feel important but you are also able to share information with them quickly, easily and personally.

We can think of many more reasons why you should use Facebook advertisement, but we know time is money (money that you should rather spend on Facebook ads 😊). It is such an effective tool for companies to use, and can be extremely beneficial when used correctly.  

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Chat to us if you need some help to get the most out of your Facebook ad campaign.


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