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Rhino River Lodge Workcation

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Rhino River Lodge is beginning to feel like my second home. Not only because of the welcoming staff and friendly atmosphere – but because of the sheer amount of times that I’ve now visited them.

On my most recent trip, Ranger Kyle commented on how I’m becoming part of the furniture at Rhino River Lodge. I couldn’t help but agree. It’s one of the perks of having Rhino River Lodge as a digital marketing client.

Situated just three hours’ drive from Durban, it’s a quick and convenient escape to the bush. And while it’s always a workcation for me, it’s a major treat nonetheless. The unpretentious luxury of the lodge, combined with the incredible wildlife and scenery in the reserve, make for a truly incredible bush getaway. Here are a few photographs from my recent workcation to Rhino River Lodge:

Private Plunge Pool at Rhino River Lodge Cottage

Enjoying the private pool at the Cottage in the 37°C weather!


After a quiet start to our first game drive, we happened across a female cheetah and her two sub-adult cubs. We spent a few hours watching them and eventually witnessed them hunt and kill a baby impala.

Cheetahs eating a baby impala

It was a privilege to be a brief bystander to the circle of life in action, even if watching a baby impala being eaten was a little gruesome and hard to witness.


These two lazy white rhinos had found themselves the perfect spot to wallow and were enjoying a slow start to the morning.


An alert zebra keeping a wary eye on us! We spotted this handsome creature in the early morning of our second day at Rhino River Lodge. Although technically classified as ‘Plains Game’, there’s certainly nothing plain about zebras.


Nothing quite beats sunset in the bush!

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