Is broadband ruining our patience?

How long would you hold on for a website to load before you go elsewhere for your information? 20 seconds, 15, 10 – less? According to a recent report, as internet speeds increase, our patience is moving in the opposite direction. The report in question, conducted by investigated America’s browsing habits against website load times before working out the cost implications of their findings against e-commerce websites – like

Here is the gritty nitty of the report:

  • On average, in America, there are 3 billion searches conducted on Google, each day.
  • One in four people will leave a website if the page takes longer than four seconds to load. Almost half of the people visiting an e-commerce website will leave if the site takes longer than three seconds to load.
  • Amazon  turns over, on average, US$  67million dollars of sales, a day.  With the above findings in mind, if Amazon’s web pages took only one extra second longer to load, than it currently does, it is estimated that they would lose around US$ 1.6billion a year. Eish! That’s a lot of Denaris.

You can log onto for a full breakdown and info graphic of the findings.

The report echo’s a message that we are a generation becoming increasingly used to instant results. Although, locally, it must be noted that we are a few steps behind, than America and Europe, when it comes to internet connectivity. It would be interesting for a similar investigation to be done here in South Africa. We undoubtedly have a lot more patience when we log on to the international super highway. But, as our speeds start to increase, as it inevitably should, me thinks that our expectations, for instant results, will be following suit.


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