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Digital Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Why sticking with digital marketing during the COVID-19 period is an important part of winning the long-term game.

We are living in extraordinary times and almost all sectors of our society are experiencing challenges of various kinds. On the flip side, with people stuck in their homes, there are now more eyes than ever online, seeking out engaging content that offers valuable insights and ideas about making this new lifestyle more comfortable, fun and productive. Now is a good time to have a digital marketing campaign running to build and maintain a strong online presence.

Why is it important to have an online presence now?

A successful digital marketing campaign is built on a solid foundation of understanding your brand, who your ultimate customer is and how best to reach them. Top quality digital marketing content will help attract those in your target audience even if they haven’t heard of your brand yet.

For those who already have a digital marketing campaign running with good momentum, pulling it completely now stands to undermine the strong brand awareness and reputational confidence that has been built up with your audience.

What are some of the digital marketing tools available to my business?

If starting a digital marketing campaign has been on the near horizon for your business, this might just be a good time to get out there. While your customers are online over this time, your business will make its mark in the digital space and stay at the forefront of their minds when they are back on the hunt for what you’re offering.

These are some of the digital marketing activities we are managing for our clients:

On-point social media strategies Safari lodges and operators are giving updates on their social platforms on what the wildlife are getting up to and sharing stunning nature scenes to keep their community inspired to travel once it’s safe to do so again. Engaging with audiences and answering queries wherever they are coming in from is perhaps even more important during this time.
Targeted communication using newsletters Companies with e-commerce sites are continuing with online sales with the proviso of deliveries opening up when courier companies come back online. They are effectively communicating this to their customers through newsletters and social media posts.
Audience-sensitive copywriting No matter the business offering, copywriting needs to be sensitive to the community’s feelings perhaps more now than ever. We are using messaging on our clients’ online platforms to speak to where their audience is at and gauging what level of direct marketing is appropriate.
Smaller paid media campaigns When it comes to paid media campaigns on Google (CPC) or social media ads, it may be the time to capitalise on potentially lower cost per click rates and competition out there for your ideal keywords and audience reach. A smaller paid budget could go further in this area, within the right strategy.

Okay, sign me up!

If you’re interested in starting a new digital marketing campaign or discussing how we can assist you with tailoring your current strategy, please reach out to Kelly, our Head of Digital Marketing, on

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