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Designing the Gara Paddles Website

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Ordering your customised Gara paddle online just got easier thanks to our talented development team.

Gara Paddles

Gara Paddles builds custom paddles for some of the world’s top paddling sportsmen and sportswomen. Based in Salt Rock and Hillcrest, they handmake each paddle that leaves their factory and export merchandise across South Africa and the world.

The Challenge

Because each paddle needs to be uniquely customized to its owner, there are dozens of parameters which can be customized for each paddle.  The result is millions of unique combinations which could exist.  Traditional e-commerce systems are great at handling a few customizations like picking the colour and size of a t-shirt, but with this level of customization required, we (the WildWeb team) knew we had to build something powerful and unique.

The Solution

Our custom-designed Paddle Builder makes designing your own paddle a breeze, allowing the visitor to interactively choose from the dizzying number of available options in a way that is simple and intuitive.  The site also supports multiple currencies and live currency conversions for international orders.  Orders are managed from within the GTI (Jen at Gara has bad memories of their old CMS so refused to call it that, instead opting for ‘Gara Technology Interface’).  We’ve also integrated credit card payments with PayFast and PayPal, as well as order syncing integration with Sage One – their accounting system.

The result is a website that is as impressive as the Gara paddles themselves, a place where their loyal customers can feel at home tinkering with their paddle order on whatever device they’re using.

Check out the new website for Gara Paddles here.

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