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Content marketing’s not dead

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We might be heading into a new decade, but you can still count on content taking a top position in digital marketing trends in 2020.

For those in the digital marketing game, grab a cup of java, pull out the laptop and get creating because content isn’t dead! If you’re a business that wants to capitalize on your brand’s online presence, you’re going to need an arsenal of copywriters, photographers and content strategists to get it right.

Through brilliant content marketing you give your brand a voice and tell your audience that your business is built on solid knowledge and expertise. It’s a major contributor to boosting brand awareness and steering traffic to your website where your products or services are all listed.

What’s more, most content lasts forever (and ever!) and stays a part of the ever-important Google Index so the time and money invested in one blog has limitless value.

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It’s content that drives your search engine optimization and you can’t get to the coveted Position Zero on people’s search results without, you guessed it, content. While search engine algorithms may be regularly shifting, the one constant is the need for high quality and authentic content, particularly text based, leading to a website with improved ranking.

In the coming years, top content will have a strong focus on personalisation and interactivity. Of course, quality will always trump quantity and having SEO-rich stories that doesn’t read to your potential customers like SEO-rich stories will still remain key. If you appreciate authentic and readable stories, chances are the people you’re trying to reach do to.

Cutting content creation is effectively letting your online presence die a slow death. Chat to us if you want to keep your business alive and kicking digitally.

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