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WildWeb Online Strategy

WildWeb Online Strategy is a product we offer to help emphasise online brand awareness and growth. We seek to creatively increase web traffic utilising the following six elements:

Monitoring and forecasting web stats

We will plot you previous two years of web visibility stats of unique monthly visitors and then set an agreed growth rate for the following year, typically this will be in the region of 20%. A realistic goal must be set so that targets in desired markets can be achieved.

Results tables will be created for the following platforms:
- Unique website visitors
- Facebook fans
- Twitter followers
- YouTube views (On site / Off site)

Blogging fortnightly

Insightful articles will be written on travel blogs (guest blogs) or internal blogs providing news and visibility on popular travel blogs internationally.

Suggesting opportunities on the following platforms

- Your Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- YouTube
- Back linking (reciprocal links with other websites)

Monthly newsletter

By compiling blog posts and additional news a monthly newsletter is sent out. This generates website traffic and also contains links to all relevant social media platforms.

Search engine optimisation

One hour a month is spent on search engine optimisation, analysing and implementing researched keywords.

Back link analysis and implementation

WildWeb will ensure that existing back links are maintained and that all new links are correctly implemented with chosen title and description tags.

Case study

In June 2010 we implemented a similar project by plotting out unique visitors and creating forecasts and goals for growth. Over the past year we have experienced a massive growth of both online sales and visitor conversion rates. By creatively running online strategies. WildWeb Online Strategy is a platform to duplicate this method with our client websites. To offer tangible results, we do need at least six months of commitment to show comparative growth.

The graphs below show this growth both unique visitors to the site and on social media platforms which are the most important areas of the above mentioned initiative. This increase in traffic has directly increased turover.

Website targets and performance objectives Facebook targets and new likes YouTube video views Twitter followers Back links